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For the production of 50 Kg (each cycle) of spreadable creams, hazelnut paste, pistachio, almonds, pure chocolate or surrogate with a minimum percentage of fat material of 28-30%, for real chocolate 32-34%.

Product can reach a thinness between 18 and 26 micron according to its characteristic and to refining time.

Coloured panel control and plc for the control of all the machine’s functions.

  • Dimensions : mm 1100 x 700 x h 1650
  • Installed power: kW 9
  • 5-pin socket 3phases + neutral + ground 32A
Refining SFERA balls mills and DECA automatic lines have been designed for the production of pure chocolate or substitutes, spreadable creams, hazelnut pistachio and almond paste, with minimum percentage of fat material of 28-30%, and 32-34% for pure chocolate. Productions can vary in accordance with raw materials and percentage used.
Automatic lines could be composed by a mixer ANDE or a conching machine CR according to the production to be performed: if you want to produce pure chocolate from cocoa liquor, a conching machine CR is needed with mixing function as well after conching. If you want to produce substitutes, spreadable creams, etc., the line will be composed with a mixer ANDE for melting fats and for mixing solid ingredients to be refined. These automatic compact lines, as well as the single balls mills, they allow a remarkably flexibility in production, easily cleanable, low energy consumption and with closed water circuit for heating and cooling.


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