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Material, service and advice, "Chef" customization !

"CHEF" will stand by yourside from the purchase of material to the installation and production.


CH.E.F to develop the chocolate and confectionary department.

Cécile Richard

President of Caplain Machines Cécile Richard has founded "CH.E.F" company with Hugues Thivet.

Since 1947 Caplain company builds machines for food trade, confectioners, chocolate makers and also delicatessen caterers.

The partnership between Hugues Thivet and our industrial company has been developed in order to create a new relationship with our customers.
Thanks to its professional experience in the high standing material and relationship with leading names in the restaurant business, pastry and chocolate segments, Hugues Thivet perfectly knows machines and the specific needs of the professionals.
As a person resource and valuable interface, he is one of the few specialists able to respond to business demand in France.
Hugues Thivet

Based on 13 years of experience at Stephan, a leader company in chocolate material and more than 10 years next to leading names in the restaurant, delicatessen and pastry businesses, I have decided to jump ahead combining my practical experience and technical knowledges of material.

From planetary mixers, cookers to grinding feeder of macarons or cups oven for bakery or pastry, I carry out demonstration for customers, during exhibitions or in their laboratories.

Machine mind

They are CH.E.F

We deeply thank our customers for their trustiness. We support them along the process. CH.E.F is always at your side from the advice to the purchase of the material.

Need help ?

You need advice for :

  • Purchase of material
  • Installation
  • Potential processes
  • Demonstration
  • Overhauld machine
  • Other...

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