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The UMC5 Universal machine is used anywhere it is necessary to realize a lots of operation well and fastly with only one machine such as grinding, mixing, cutting, emulsifying, heating and undirect cooling with a vacuum system up to 100mbar and with a constant control of the temperature.

It is an easy using machine standardly fully equiped with an easy and fast cleaning, deal in all the Research and Devellopment departements.

The shaft with its strong motor is working in a bowl especially studied and is used as a support for working tools suitable according to the needs. The mass in the bowl is strictly running toward the rotative tools which modify it. A supplementary movement is obtained by the scraper which comes of the hard or sticky products from the jacket of the bowl and bring them back to the center. So the mixing is very speed and homogeneous.

Times of process faster, the several using and the easy handling of Stephan® machine rationalize work processes and bring to a better profitability.

Description of the machine

  • Touch panel
  • Emergency button
  • Stainless steel bowl V2A
  • With double jacket - hot/cold water
  • Vacuum unit with manometer and stop valve
  • Sampling cock mounted at the cover for sampling liquids
  • Safety unit vent connection with flap mounted at the cover
  • Stainless steel and polyamid knife shaft with two knives
  • Polyamid mixing arm
  • White polystrol chassis machine RAL 9002
  • Electrical equipment :
  • Soft touch keybord 3011 for main motor, temperature display and for working process time by switch, digital with temperature feeler type PT 100 2L mounted in the movable bowl
  • Heating device, vacuum pump,..
  • Wide range of tools :
  • Wave-cut knives
  • Mixing insert
  • Knead insert
  • Wide knives
  • Insert for small quantities...
  • Inside chocolates
  • Solid mixing
  • Almond paste
  • Suspension
  • Chocolate
  • Emulsions
  • Ganache
  • Topping
  • Praline
  • Creams
  • Paste...

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